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Nowych sterowników BETA od NVIDII?
Sterowniki te, z numerkiem 169.04, wnoszą wiele dobrego – z ciekawszych rzeczy można wymienić poprawioną wydajność modułu RENDER, lub naprawione problemy powrotu z konsoli przy użyciu Compiza.

* Added support for GeForce 8800 GT.
* Improved modesetting support on Quadro/GeForce 8 series GPUs.
* Fixed stability problems with some GeForce 8 series GPUs.
* Fixed stability problems with some GeForce 6200/7200/7300 GPUs multi-core/SMP systems.
* Improved hotkey switching support for some Lenovo notebooks.
* Fixed a problem with Compiz after VT-switching.
* Improved RENDER performance.
* Improved interaction with Barco and Chi Mei 56″ DFPs, as well as with some Gateway 19″ DFPs.
* Added an interface to monitor PowerMizer state information.
* Fixed rendering corruption in Maya’s Graph Editor.
* Improved interaction between SLI AFR and swap groups on certain Quadro FX GPUs.
* Fixed a bug that caused corruption with redirected XV on GPUs without TurboCache support.
* Improved display device detection on GeForce 8 series GPUs.
* Improved usability of NVIDIA-settings at lower resolutions like 1024×768 and 800×600.
* Improved GLX visual consolidation when using Xinerama with Quadro/GeForce 8 series and older GPUs.
* Added experimental support for running the X server at Depth 30 (10 bits per component) on Quadro G8x and later GPUs.
* Worked around a Linux kernel/toolchain bug that caused soft lockup errors when suspending on some Intel systems.

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